The Beautex Story

The Beautex Story

The Beautex Story

Founder and director of BeauTex Designs, Brooke Jones is the supply chain solutionist and workwear designer, providing a new way of manufacturing that improves on current practices socially, ethically, and environmentally. At BeauTex, we aim to clean up people’s supply chains in a way that’s good for people and the planet by offering cleaner manufacturing solutions by turning plastic waste into durable workwear.




Brooke has been in business now for 13 years, gaining an extensive design background with a track record for establishing innovative clothing products that address specific industry needs.  Developing an in-depth knowledge on sustainable fashion, the BeauTex founder has first-hand appreciation for how big this problem really is and how dirty most supply chains are. And generally speaking, the bigger the supply chain, the dirtier it is. Helping companies look in their own backyard and go from outsourcing and discarding to turning wasted resources into their workwear.



Coming from a retail background, Brooke has always been around fashion, and has a good understanding what the end consumer wants in a garment. Once getting started in textile design and manufacturing, she became really passionate about HOW things are made and the process behind that. The real gap in the hair and beauty industry was for uniforms that were both stylish and bleach resistant. This is where Brooke started the re- design of workwear started that turned into solving a bigger problem of textile waste from bleach damaged clothing. While travelling the globe sourcing textiles, Brooke began to see the environmental impact manufacturing was having and how workwear was such a big contributor to the problem. Large companies struggled finding suppliers and products that align with their values for sustainability and social responsibility.  This is where Brooke stepped in to provide that missing link. Essentially…. we are the link that provides sustainable solutions to brands. Waste to workwear is what we do! Aiming to reduce cost, waste and make it more local.



We’re creating opportunities for social enterprises to be a part of our business model, connecting them to global brands who are choosing to adopt this new way of manufacturing for their workwear.We’re supporting other businesses making a positive impact by setting up a “profit with purpose” model where with every new contract we receive, we partner with one of these incredible organisations to fulfil a part of the process, such as cutting and sewing. Even our own eco-workwear shoes are packaged in repurposed cement bags where we have sewn a zip and handle on them to create a durable long-lasting shoe bag with an organisation in Cambodia that employs disadvantaged people in the community, giving them a skill and an income, and diverts the profits back into the local community.



Policy alone doesn’t make change, people encourage change. Our ultimate goal is to change the standards of corporate responsibly by offering a closed loop accredited supply chain, uniquely for recycled product lifecycles and manufacturing processes. Offering a fully circular brand where end of life textiles are repurposed over and over again and closing the loop.

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