BeauTex Designs is passionate about making it simple for businesses to fight plastic waste and unethical textile production.

We have done the hard yards to turn waste into workwear that improves practices socially, environmentally, and ethically at every point in the supply chain in textile production.

By engaging with raw material processing manufacturers and designers that are all sustainable, Australian-owned and abide by the modern slavery act, we ensure that our partners are at the forefront of changing the textile industry for the better.

Our BeauTex fabric is durable against harsh chemicals, bleach and stain resistant, perfect for the hair, beauty and hospitality industry. Beautex Designs offer a range of products for our partners; Towels, aprons, capes, and our range of cotton feel promotional T-shirts.

For all your manufacturing and white labelling needs contact us today. 

 BeauTex Designs is working with National and International brands and businesses to change the game in workwear and promotional apparel.

We offer our partners social, environmental and ethical solutions with our range of BeauTex textile products.

 Our Core Range consists of eco friendly textiles for Towels, Aprons, Capes and Promotional T-shirts.

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