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Workwear as we know is a major player in destroying our planet. Environmental pollution, social exploitation and too many industries are turning a blind eye. There needs to be a drastic change. BeauTex Designs is disrupting workwear manufacturing. We are a small business with a significant impact. By turning plastic waste into workwear we offer the first of its kind sustainable textiles solutions. We source raw materials, improve garment construction, and bring transparency to the supply chain.



The Problem & Our Solution

The fashion industry is the second biggest contributor to pollution and globally it emits 1.7 billion tons of CO2 per year. Our Waste to Workwear solution can help decrease these emissions. About two-thirds of our clothing comes from fossil fuel synthetics such as polyester. It’s a very carbon-intensive process to make these materials and workwear consist of mainly polyester or polyester blends for durability. So, unfortunately, it’s not a solution to just say “let’s use natural fibres.” What we can do, however, is change from using virgin polyesters made from crude oil to using RPET which is essentially repurposed plastic bottles, flaked, pelletised, extruded into yarn and then woven into a textile.

Global Partnerships

We provide awareness and education through our products to businesses about responsible consumption and production and decent work standards by bringing awareness to the supply chain, providing solutions and creating partnerships that give back to ethical sewing schools. In alignment with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we aim to be a part of global partnerships to build on social, sustainable and ethical practices. We will be tracking these by working closely with our manufacturing partners based in Indonesia, Taiwan and our Australian owned factories located in Vietnam where they will provide proof of the impact of each project with the employment and training of staff, machines and equipment that will be purchased and accreditation with the WFTO and The Modern Slavery act. We at BeauTex are focusing on our 2 SDG #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth and SDG #12 Responsible consumption and production.

Future of Sustainability

With our wholesale and retail manufacturing model we have set up with multiple brands in different industries. This diversity is what allows us to spread our massage far and wide and educate people at every stage of the process. We do this through seeking B2B, B2C and custom design partnerships with like-minded brands who share our vision for a more sustainable supply chain. Every order and every partnership allows us to better the process, support more organisations, divert more waste from landfill and oceans, and save more emissions. Ultimately having more of an impact and raising the standards for better manufacturing practices. As part of the tracking our impact we are aiming to be Bcorp certified by 2022 to establish and highlight where our waste management, water consumption and emission saved with converting to RPET as opposed to virgin polyesters. 

"Policies alone don’t create change; people’s actions make the change." 

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