For us, our impact is not only about the plastic waste we are diverting from landfill, it's also just as importantly focussed on the textile waste we are reducing, as well as giving back to the people and communities that contribute to our supply chain. 

Textile waste is a MAJOR contributor to environmental damage as a lot of textiles, garments and fabrications just do not break down in landfill. They sit there for years on end, piling up, polluting the environment, OR they get incinerated, which also pollutes the environment with toxic emissions.

In addition, our impact on the people that contribute to our supply chain is just as important to us. We do this by working with social enterprises that provide much needed jobs, training and support to those in need and we also partner with organisations that gather, prepare and provide food to people in struggling communities. 

We don’t have all the answers, but we try to give back where we can with our time and resources, to the countries where we manufacture who are so giving of their time, energy and skills to bring our mission to life. 


We have converterd 506,404 Plastic Water Bottles into workwear so far!