Policy alone doesn’t create change, people encourage change. Our goal, at BeauTex Designs, is to change the standards of corporate responsibility by offering a closed loop accredited supply chain, uniquely for recycled product lifecycles and manufacturing processes. We do this through offering a fully circular brand where end of life textiles are repurposed over and over again and, ultimately closing the loop.


Having been in the fashion and manufacturing industry for over a decade, BeauTex founder, Brooke Jones has seen pretty much every aspect of it… the good, the bad, and the ugly! And what she discovered is that workwear is, unfortunately, such a MAJOR contributor when it comes to pollution and textile waste...


What makes our fabric unique is that instead of being made from virgin polyesters made from crude oil (like typical workwear), our fabric is made from RPET recycled plastic water bottles.

We take plastic that would have otherwise...


At BeauTex Designs we believe we have have a responsibility to give back and ensure that our profit for purpose business model is positioned to support both people and the planet.

We are always working to improve our manufacturing practices and find new innovative ways to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We know we aren't perfect, no one is, but we are passionately committed to continued improvement and making a positive impact at every step of the supply chain as we grow...


For us, our impact is not only about the plastic waste we are diverting from landfill, it's also just as importantly focussed on the textile waste we are reducing, as well as giving back to the people and communities that contribute to our supply chain. 

Textile waste is a MAJOR contributor to environmental damage as a lot of textiles, garments and fabrications just do not break down in landfill...


Our makers are part of our global family. Their skills, time and dedication are a key component to what makes BeauTex Designs the brand that it is. 

We've chosen to team up with small independent family owned businesses that actively support their local communities, and provide much needed jobs and training in sewing manufacturing...

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