Our brand isn’t just about the garment itself, it’s about our whole sustainable approach from beginning to end.

We use waterless drying to reduce our water usage, as well as OEKE-TEX approved dyes that are environmentally friendly and don’t contribute to toxic run off. We also cut down on carbon offsets by dispatching directly from our manufacturers to our customers, both saving costs for the customer and reducing our environmental impact.

Our new range is packaged in re-usable and biodegradable cotton tote bags because a lot of “sustainable packaging” on the market is still not 100% environmentally friendly due to the micro plastics in it, and they’re not 100% practical in protecting the garments.


We’ve also tackled the issue of our own fabric offcut waste, which inevitably occurs during any cut and sew process. By re-thinking the process we’ve been able to use a unique panelling technique to turn our offcuts into more shirts and dresses. For every 5000 promo shirts made, at least 500 additional tees can be made by re-purposing the fabric waste. And we’ve done this in collaboration with a social enterprise that provides work and training to women from refugee and migrant backgrounds, so that they can earn an income and support their families.

Our whole end to end approach of better manufacturing practices socially, environmentally, and ethically means we can offer large corporations who care, like De Lorenzo who have just partnered with us to make their promo t-shirts, the opportunity to have such a positive impact in a huge way and be a part of the change that this industry so desperately needs.