The only way to create great things every day is with great people who love what they do!

Meet our team based out of Brisbane, Australia...

Brooke Jones - Founder and Director

She's a woman on a mission! BeauTex founder, Brooke Jones, is no stranger to the clothing and textile game having owned a number of businesses in the industry since 2010 including sustainable beauty apparel brand, Little Tanning Dress, and a women's clothing boutique in Brisbane Sonder Place that purely supports Australian designers. Through creating and owning her brands, Brooke has developed a love for design and textile development which lead her to creating the BeauTex Standard of material. Brooke has developed an in-depth knowledge about textile waste and environmental pollution and has become fiercely passionate about finding sustainable solutions and creative ways to make textiles out of recycled materials. She really is on a mission... a mission to clean up the textile industry and help companies and consumers walk a little lighter!

Oh and watch out for her on the roller derby track... no seriously...watch out (she's not very good!)


Courtney Leech



Timo Bardsley

Timo has tried it all. From building music festival stages, repairing sea vessels, hospitality and now living the dream with BeauTex. Having always felt passionate about environmental issues and climate change, human connection and finding the happiness in every day life, joining the BeauTex team was an opportunity for Timo to do what he loves and help with the fight against waste. After months of serving Brooke coffee, they got to talking about the business and the rest is history! Timo now helps with sales, brand promotion and creative direction through a range of media formats.

He's so passionate he will probably be the first to get a BeauTex tattoo! Not kidding!