What makes our fabric unique is that instead of being made from virgin polyesters made from crude oil (like typical workwear), our fabric is made from RPET recycled plastic water bottles.

We take plastic that would have otherwise ended up in landfill, it gets flaked, pelletised, extruded into yarn and then woven into a textile. We also use OEKO-TEX approved eco-friendly dyes and the end result is an incredibly durable textile that’s also bleach and dye resistant, which is exactly what the hair and beauty industry.

Our new 2022 range also contains a 4-way stretch, where in the past we had 4 different textiles combinations, we’ve now perfected it to the 1 x 4-way stretch fabric which is crease free AND has cooling technology incorporated to help with all day wear and staying cool while using hot tools in the salon.

It’s also undergone anti-pilling testing and snag testing, again just adding to the durability factor that’s so important in making workwear last as long as possible.

Our fabric really has got such a cool feel to it, we’ve been able to create a something that’s not only sustainable and very practical, but it also feels so good to wear and has an elevated and stylish look to it.