Soft Launch of our Recycled shoes in London

The time has finally come! For everyone that saw and felt (and in a few cases fondled!) our new release Beau Tex (previously Beautique Designs) shoes at Hair Expo Sydney and Salon International London pre-sale orders are now open.
For the last two years we have travelled the many different locations, searching out the best waste recyclers, and up to date ethical manufacturing to bring you shoes that are edgy, comfortable and trending.
Our team have designed work shoes that reflect the core heart of Beau Tex, from the ground up.
You came, you saw and you liked. You asked when, and where, you can buy.
The answer before was ‘soon’, and ‘we’ll let you know’.
The answer today is ‘now’ and ‘here’.
As you can imagine manufacturing any item takes time. The shoes are in production. And the time is coming to a close.
Our first shipment will be here in December and there’s only 2000 pairs in the first order.
So, here’s an offer you just shouldn’t refuse for only the first 200 buyers!
Not only will you be purchasing shoes that are comfortable and fashionable work shoe, the outsole is created using recycled plastic water bottles diverted from our oceans and landfill. The soles are made from a combination of recycled rubber. So good right? To make sure you are comfy the whole way each shoe has microfibre lining and 6mm memory foam for cosiness. These are rough, water repellent and bleach resistant. Just what a stylists needs. RRP is $179 - $199 depending on the style. You can check out the styles here
When you check these out, you can now order.
As a sweetner and to help us get ready for the new shipment that’s coming soon here’s a sweet deal.
To encourage pre-sales we’ve created an offer never before seen from Beau Tex (previously Beautique Designs).
Each and every shoe order will also receive 50% off any one item in the Beautique Designs collection. ENTER DISCOUNT CODE "LONDON"
That’s 50% off. Half price. 50% off. Discounted by 50%. Marked down 50%.
You get the idea.
So, order now. Pre-order any shoe in the Beau Tex range and get 50% off any one item in the Beautique Designs collection.
We will post out your 50% off discounted item tomorrow. Shoes will be here in December.
Be one of the first in the planet to wear these recycled shoes. Trust me. The planet will thank you.
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